The control and evaluation electronics M-Pulse2 combines highest metal sensitivity with reliability and an easy handling. Due to the latest electronics in it´s inside the M-Pulse2 provides an effecient fade-out of the product effect and adapting digital filters. A variety of connectivity and expansion options allow great flexibility for the control of perpheral units or other equipment as well as for processing commands. The comprehensive user management and documentation of all data make the M-Pulse2 to first choice in quality control – for example in the food industry.

Control unit


Modern receiver technology paired with effective signal evaluation collects all sensor data with the highest precision. In the process, the resolution of the data logging with up to 31 bits is an absolute first. Completely maintenance- free operation by means of automatic drift compensation and a continuous internal self-diagnosis are standard features. All sensors from the Pulsotronic product range are supported. For special applications, sensors with multiple-frequency technology can also be equipped. A quartz accurate signal generation and the modern receiver technology completely replace calibration measures. Downtimes and production losses are a thing of the past. A multitude of different interfaces enable seamless integration into any production environment. Like the previous version, the M-Pulse2 it is also available with Ethernet. In the process, all events can be logged and evaluated in accordance with HACCP, ISO or IFS.

Equipment & specific characteristics
User friendlyness

The use of a colour TFT display with touch makes the operation of the device very easy. A familiar user interface with intuitive input elements will quickly lead even inexperienced personnel to their destination. For the best possible user convenience, the language settings are continuously adapted on the basis of the user settings. In this manner, every user can individually select his/her language theme.


In addition to the familiar possibilities of compensating for the inherent effects of products, the M-Pulse2 offers a safe and fast way of learning these effects. With just a turn of the hand, this procedure can be performed in a matter of seconds, thanks to QuickLearn.

Digital signal analysis

The signal evaluation is already initiated on the electronic detection of the signals by the digital measurement receiver. This is recorded in real time and with the highest 31-bit precision, which is a novelty and unique to the entire market of metal detection. The reprocessing of the signals with a fast multiprocessor system is a standard feature which offers powerful algorithms for fault signal and product effect fade-out. For special applications, changes in the product effect can be updated by means of product tracking.


The device has a 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface as an integral component. It can be used to transfer all device and process data to a PC. An internal memory buffers the last 10,000 messages, if the network is offline. The device also has its own HTTP server. In the process, the device can be managed without additional software! In particular, that means the possibility of remote maintenance and transmission of updates. An additional serial interface and multiple IO ports offer the possibility the control to fully integrate in any automation environment.

Modern electronics

A number of innovations, addition to the multiple-frequency technology, have been implemented in the electronics of the M-Pulse2. Special emphasis was placed on interference resistance (EMC) and stability. Quartz-based signal generators eliminate the phenomena of drift and ageing. The multi-processor system can even be updated at all times using remote maintenance. The entire electronic system has a modular design and can be modified to meet
elevated requirements or a change in tasks. Despite the improved scope of output, the power consumption is around just 15 watts (typical).