Application This type of detectors especially is used for the manufacture of sausage meat in filling machines. Other high-viscosity products of the food industry, e.g. marzipan, can also be detected on finest metallic residua. The high-strength product tubes resist to pressures of maximum 80 bar. The connection is realised by RD80 screwings. The device is height-adjustable and mobile. By this it can be connected to all common filling machines (e.g. Handtmann; Frey; Vemag, Risco, Rex). On request we provide devices with linking engine for direct connection of wring-off units. To your requirements adapted ejection valves for the separation of metal are available.   Inflex 01


The test material passing through the product tube is detected on metallic contamination by the sensor. If metal is detected, this is identified by the operation electronics. Metal is separated via the ejection valves (optional). The electronics also is able to interrupt the filler in order to remove the contamination manually.

Specific characteristics

  • design in stainless steel
  • height adjustable and mobile
  • protection class IP65
  • fade-out of product effect
  • available with wring-off engine
  • ejection valves optionally available
  • control of filling at the detection of metal