Devices from the M-Pulse InLine series particularly are used in the food industry for the detection of fluid
products and commodities on metallic contamination. Nevertheless they can also be applied in other
industrial branches. The detector can be equipped with different ejection valves. Tubes are available in
diameters from 40 mm to 150 mm. The connection to the tubes is either realised with Tri-Clamp binders
or with milk thread. Thus the detectors can be installed subsequently with little time and effort. The electronics
is connected via a 3 m connecting cable. For this reason the device can alway be operated easily
even when the sensor is used in places that are difficult to access.

Rohrleitungsdetektor Inline mit Steuergerät

FunctionThe test material passing through the product
tube is detected on metallic contamination by
the sensor. If metal is detected, this is identified
and analysed by the operating electronics. The
electronics identifies in real time if there really
is metal or if it is just the product effect. Metal is
separated via the ejection valve.
Specific characteristics• design in stainless steel
• protection class IP65
• fade-out of product-effect
• different ejection valves available
• separate control unit
• stable base frame
• individual construction